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Getting Around Kalymnos

It’s highly recommended to rent a car or scooter for your Kalymnos holiday. Our good friends at Avis and Stefanos Gerakios offer great scooters and low prices. We encourage you to get in touch with either of them directly to get quotes for rentals.

Living in Panormos

asproroom1-1If you’ve never been to Kalymnos, here’s a quick primer. If you come via boat, you’ll land in the port city of Pothia and likely head out of town via taxi past the ancient city of Hora, past the turnoff toward the Kalymnos Airport, and onto the tourist areas of Panormos, Kantouni, Myrties, Masouri and Armeos.

Panormos is a lovely village set in the foothills before you head up a hill and drop down into Masouri. It’s much quieter than the climber villages of Masouri and Armeos, which can be quite loud and busy during the high season. Panormos is peaceful and quiet, and it’s also quite a bit warmer during late fall and early spring, when temperatures in Masouri can be chilly.

Panormos has easy access to a number of attractions, namely Kantouni Beach, a large swath of warm sand in a beautiful bay. It’s as close as you can get to the beautiful climbing crag of Symplegades, which is a maze of rocks site high on the mountainside, and it’s also less than a minute via scooter to the parking area of St. Photis, an incredible climbing venue with a wide variety of routes of all difficulties.

The drive to Masouri via scooter is about 5 to 7 minutes, where you will find climbing shops, more restaurants and cafes, and our family business, the world famous climber bar called Fatolitis.

Smalios Market

Smalios is just a few hundred meters away. Walk down the to the main road and turn right, and then continue to the market on your left. Less than 5 minutes by foot and less than 1 minute by scooter.

Smalios is one of the largest markets on the island, and has a great selection of fresh meats, cheeses, local fruits and vegetables, and a very complete wine, beer and liquor department.

Elies Square

Elies Square is just past Smalios along the main road. At Elies you will find a number of great Greek and Italian restaurants. You’ll also find a fresh vegetable stand, a bakery, a pharmacy, and a local cheesemaker.

You’ll also find the northernmost petrol station on the island. It’s much more convenient to have the petrol station near your house; if you live in Masouri, you’ll need to drive back over the hill to fill up your scooter.

Kantouni Beach

Just walk toward the water and you’ll soon arrive at Kantouni Beach, one of the nicest beaches on the island. Kantouni has a number of wonderful taverns, warm water, and lots of sand to lay on.

Kantouni Beach also provides access to an amazing hiking and running trail that goes toward St. Photis. This area contains a chapel as well as one of the most picturesque cliffs on Kalymnos.

Getting To Kalymnos

From Athens Airport

You can fly into Athens and then take the once daily flight directly into Kalymnos. This year round flight leaves mid morning but sometimes gets cancelled due to high winds. In that case, you’ll be flown to Kos and can take the ferry.

From Piraeus Port

A 12 hour sleeper ferry arrives in Kalymnos several days per week from Piraeus Port outside of Athens. You can check departures at Greek Ferries here: http://www.ferries.gr/greek-islands-ferry/

From Kos

Cheaper international flights arrive in the high season direct to Kos, but there are multiple daily flights year from from Athens to Kos. Once you land in Kos, take a taxi (5-10 minutes) to Mastichari for about 15 euros. Numerous ferries depart daily from Mastichari to Kalymnos. Ferry schedule at http://climbkalymnos.com.

From Rhodes

Alternatively you can fly to Rhodes and take a ferry into Kalymnos. Check schedules here. The slow ferries (8 hrs) stop at more islands than the fast ferries (3 hrs)

Thanks to Nathan Welton for the photography on this site.